✨ Turmeric Orange Honey✨ Artisan Soap (2 bars)



You receive 2 bars.

Turmeric Orange and honey soap
All the great benefits power house Turmeric gives.

Can be used on hair, face and body.
100% organic

✨Prevents skin damage

✨Can cure Psoriasis

✨Tightens Skin

✨Gives A Radiant Glow

✨Good for excessively Oily Skin

✨helps fight wrinkles

How Citrus Benefits Summer Skin
With these beautifying benefits in mind, it’s no wonder that citrus oil-based skin care formulas are especially popular during the summer months. Citrus oil works to prevent damage wrought by sun exposure, and after the fact (if you’ve already committed the cardinal sin of sitting out in the sun), it can work to reverse and reduce photo-damage.

In fact, citrus oils are MVPs when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation occurs when your skin cells are harmed by sun exposure – in an effort to reduce further damage, your skin will ‘darken’ the areas of your dermis that have been exposed the most. This translates into age spots, liver spots, freckles – any small deposits of pigment that appear darker than the surrounding skin.