Le’ Naturel Shea Buttah

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4 oz bare ingredients smooth shea butter benefits are: •Clears blemishes
•Moisturizes skin & hair
•Reduces Stretch marks
• Good for babys skin and hair because of it being scent, fragrance and chemical free
•Pregnancy Moms eliminates nipple crusting and pain
•Grows baby balding areas out and evens babies skin/acne
• locks in Mens Beard moisture
•Keeps skin luster and glowing
• A great after shave/Wax balm
• clears up back of feet cracking
• Rich in vitamins A & E
• Anti Aging
•Fatty acids within my product have anti-microbial properies that are known to treat acne
Also protacts skins from harmful bacteria
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Ingredients: Shea Butter & Coconut oil handcrafted in Nigeria, Vitamin E oil